How to import Einstein Intent Sets using Workbench for Einstein Bots.

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Hi Trailblazers, In this Blog Post I'm going to import Einstein Intent Sets using Workbench for Einstein Bots.

Before start,

Make sure you have gone through previous Blog Post.

How To Use Intents In Einstein Bot To Understand User Input

I'm assuming you know about Einstein Bots and Intents.

Why do we use Einstein Intent Sets ?

We can use it in multiple Einstein Bots and Dialogs.

We can move utterances and entities between Salesforce orgs.

We can import Intent's Utterance directly from CSV file.

Why we need to Import Utterances?

As you know more Utterances are better for Understanding for Bot, 

Utterances can be as many as 150-200, It's better to import instead writing each one.


1. We'll create Einstein Intent Set.

2. We'll add Intents in Einstein Intent Set.

3. Then, We'll create a CSV file with Utterances.

4. We'll use Workbench for importing Einstein Intent Utterances.

5. At the end, We'll use these Intents in Einstein Bot.

Let's Start:

Navigate to Einstein Intent Sets.

You'll find your Einstein intent sets here.

Set up > Einstein Intent Sets

Einstein Intent Sets.

Now, We're going to create an Intent Set.


Name : heySf_Intent_Set

After Saving it, Edit it and Add two Intents

1. Appointment_Related


2. Transfer_To_Agent


After this, Your Intent Set looks like this.

Now you can see, 2 Intents in heySf_Intent_Set.


Now Let's have a look on the CSV file, Which we're going to import.

Make Sure Intent Set and Intent name is Same in CSV.


It has 3 fields/Columns.

1. MlDomainName - Name of Einstein Intent Set.

2. MlIntentName - Name of Intent.

3. Utterance - Utterance.

You can find this CSV file from here.

We'll Use Workbench for importing.

Agree and Login, 

Agree and Login, 

After login, 

Data > Insert


Choose Object : MlIntentUtterance

And your CSV file.

Css file

Map fields and Confirm Insert.

Map fields and Confirm Insert.

After Successfully Inserting.

You'll see following message.

You'll see following message.

Now you're able to use these intents in your Dialogs.

Go to Einstein Bot > Dialogs

Choose any Dialogue and Click on Add Intent.

Choose any Dialogue and Click on Add Intent.You can select newly created Intents from Intent Set.

You can select newly created Intents from Intent Set.

Try to create your intent Utterances in CSV and Import using Workbench.

This is how We can Import Einstein Intents Set.

I hope It helped you somehow.

If you have any question Ask Me

Thanks for Reading:

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