How To Put Einstein Bot On Any Website Using Salesforce

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Hi Trailblazers, In this blog post I'm going to create an Einstein Bot and Going to put it on a Website using Salesforce

Why Einstein Bot on a Website?

They're great at passing conversations to the team member that is most likely to solve a customer issue. There are some questions/queries that customer want to get answer in a instant, And these queries/questions are repetitive, Let's see an Example...

For a blog site perspective, Visitors want to know about Upcoming post. Einstein Bot can answer it Immediately, In your case, you can have different Business Requirements.


1. A Service Cloud license

2. A Chat license

3. Lightning Experience


1. First We'll set up Web Chat on our Website.

2. We'll use same Chat Channel and Enable Einstein Bots.

3. After it, We'll create prebuilt dialogs and customize the Menu Options.

4. Overview of Einstein Bot Builder.

5. Finally, We'll add it to our Website.

Let's Start

First we need to Setup Web Chat in Salesforce.

For setting up Web Chat, I have already created a Blog Post.

Please have a look on following Post.

After Setting Up Web Chat, Salesforce Agents are able to chat with Customers in Real Time.

Web chat setup.

Einstein Bot works before this, If Einstein Bot not able to answer your questions, It can connect you with Live Agent.


Set Up Einstein Bot

1. First you need to Enable Einstein Bot from Set Up.

Setup > Einstein Bots > Enable

Enable bot.

Create a Bot

From My Bots Section, Click on New button.


A). Give your Einstein Bot a name that reflects your company's brand and personality. Your customers see the bot's Name in the chat window. You can change the name later.

*Einstein Bot Name : botName

Description : botDescription

*Einstein Bot Language : English

After Filling above Informations, Click on Next button.

B). Great. Now, how would you like heySf to greet your customers? We recommend that you identify your Einstein Bot by name and make it clear that it's not a human.

Einstein Bot Greeting Message : Hi, How I can help you?

C). Now, let's set up a menu for your customers. What are three common issues or questions that you want your Einstein Bot to handle? We'll make these into the bot's main menu. Some examples are:

Any Question

New Post Update

Chat with Agent

I'm using above Menu Items for my Einstein Bot.

Main Menu Items

Menu Item 1 : Any Question

Menu Item 2 : New Post Update

Menu Item 3 : Chat with Agent

Now click on create button, It'll create Your Einstein Bot.

Einstein Bot Builder

Bot builder 

It contains 6 different pages

1. Overview

2. Dialogs

3. Entities

4. Variables

5. Performance

6. Model Management


Overview is the View Page of Einstein Bot. It includes the bot’s name and description, a place to train your bot to recognize what customers want, and settings that let you customize the bot response delay time. Let’s take a minute to get acquainted with this page.


It contains following things.

Bot Information




Dialogs contains all the Menu Items.

You can add or remove Menu Items from here.

Each Menu Contains:

Messages—communicate information to the customer using text.

Questions—ask for customer input and store that information.

Actions—call Apex code with parameters to retrieve, update, save, and run processes related to your data in Salesforce.

Rules—make runtime decisions based on customer data.

Bot dialogue

Entities & Variables

Entities are a type of data that you want to collect from a customer.

A variable is a container that stores a specific piece of data collected from the customer.

The following types are available for custom variables.

Text, Number, Boolean, Object, Date, Date, Time, Currency, Id


Performance contains two things

Dashboard and Event Log

Model Management

In Model Management, We train our Bot.

Let's put this newly created bot on Website:

Remember the channel name which you added while creating Einstein Bot.

In my case, It's heySalesforce.

Setup > Embedded Services > heySalesforce > View

After Clicking View, There's a Button called Get Code in Right Bottom.

Copy the Code Snippet


Add this code in Footer of your Website

After performing All above Steps:

Let's test our Einstein Bot

You can test it on here:

Click on the Right Bottom Button : Chat with an Expert

And Fill the Simple Form

Click on Start Chatting:

It'll welcome you like this.

Now Click on New Post Update:


Now Click on Main Menu and Click on Chat with Asif

Chat with Asif

This is how it works

Try to create an Einstein Bot and Put it on your Website.

Note: This is just for Study Purposes And Above code/configuration may not follow best practices.

If you have any question Ask me.

Thanks for Reading

Write a comment for suggestions and hit the heart icon.


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