How To Use Intents In Einstein Bot To Understand User Input

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Hi Trailblazers, In this blog post I'm going to Enable Dialog Intents in Einstein Bot for understanding User input.

Before Start, Let's have a look on Demo.

Click on "Chat with an Expert" Button ( Right Bottom ).

After submitting form, Chat with it.


As you can see for a specific input, there's response.

We have done this by using intents to understand natural language.

What is Intent in Einstein Bot?

Intent defined as the intention of a user to write a message.

We can have multiple utterance/sentence for one intent.

Exe: How are you?

For how are you, intention we have following utterances:

How are you?

How's you?

How do you do?

How's you doing?

I think, It's pretty clear now.

We can use Intents in 2 ways.

1. Within Einstein Bot, by Enabling Intents for specific Dialogs.

2. By creating Einstein Intent Sets.

In this blog post, I'll cover 1st point.

I'll write another blog for Einstein Intent Sets.

Before we start:

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Let's add Intents to the Einstein Bot:

I'm assuming you have already setup Einstein Bot and Added some dialogs.

If you have not created Einstein Bot yet, Check above 2 useful links.

Go to : Setup > Einstein Bots > yourBot


After clicking on your Bot, You'll go to Einstein Bot Builder.


Now, Click on any Dialog from left side.

And Click on the "Enable Dialog Intent" button from right top corner.

After enabling Dialog Intent, It'll add a new tab near "Dialog Details" with the name of "Dialog Intent" Check following picture.


Now we need to add Utterances for this Intent.

Utterances are the inputs by user and We want Dialog should be the response for these inputs.


As you can see, I have added some utterances in above picture, For all these inputs, Bot will response about New Post Update.

For now, It'll work on Exactly match.

But if We don't want exact match, We need to enable Einstein.

For enabling Einstein, We require at least 20 utterances.


After Updating Dialogs, Intents and Utterances.

Now your Einstein bot is able Response for the Utterances.

Make sure you don't put same Utterances for more than 1 dialog.

If user enters something out of your Utterances.


Update confused Dialogue, So that user can type relevant input.

This is how Dialogs Intents works in Einstein Bots

I'll write another blog for Einstein Intent Sets, Stay here.

If you have any question Ask Me

Thanks for Reading:


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  • Tan Wei Yew Avatar
    Tan Wei Yew - 5 months ago
    Hi there, I do have a question here. So I have setup a dialog: Please select problem category from below list and provided a selection of (a / b / c). And it is configure to be waiting customer input. If my user type in like live agent (which I put as one of the dialog intent), it is not working at all. Instead, it recognize the live agent as a problem category, is this an expected behavior?

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