Make your lightning components publicly accessible.

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Hi Trailblazers, In this blog post I'm going to make a lightning component publicly accessible.

Accessible like the following demo, Although I have created it in LWC and deployed it to Developer Edition Org.

Check Demo

Let's Start.

We are going to expose this component which we created in previous blog.

Youtube Video for this.

First we are going to create a community.

Need to activate communities in Salesforce.

Setup > Communities Setting > Enable Communities and Choose a domain.

Please look at the following picture for reference.

Please look at the following picture for reference.

Now create a community.

Now create a community.

After clicking on New Community, Choose a template.

Choose a template.heySfTest

Give it a name.

Give it a name.

You'll be navigated to Workspace of community.


Click on Builder and remove all the components by un tick.


After deleting everything.

It'll look like this.


Now, Add a Heading component just like following picture.

Add a Heading component

At last add your component, which you want to expose publicly accessble.

Decorate this page, It depends on your creativity.

Publish this.

Publish this.

For publicly Access,

Click on home above and give access like this.

Check following picture for reference.

Click on home above and give access like this.

You'll get the links from communities like this.

As you can see, It's working now.

This is how, We can expose publicly a component from Salesforce org.

I hope It helped you somehow.

If you have any question Ask Me

Thanks for Reading:

Youtube Video for this.

Write a comment for suggestions.


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